Do you like travelling?

You must get an airline credit card if you love traveling or go on business trips frequently. The best airline mileage credit cards offer numerous benefits like premium access to airport lounges, extra air miles, heavy rebates on air tickets, bonus points etc.

How airline credit cards work?

When you spend via your credit card, you get some reward points or miles that you can redeem for free flights or any other offers that are given by the card company. Many airline credit cards offer special benefits such as free checked baggage, priority boarding, seat upgrades, concierge services or even access to members-only airport lounges.

Should you get an airline credit card?

Travel Points

Many airline credit cards offer reward points for the purchases made with that airline, for other travel-related purchases, or on dining, entertainment and groceries. Moreover, airline credit cards usually have a sign-up bonus that offers extra points, miles, cash back or even free flights.

Airline privileges

Many airlines offer special services to airline credit card holders. These services may include seat upgrade, free checked bags, early boarding, dedicated check-in lines, and discount on purchases done in flight. There are chances that your card may offer access to private airport lounges with complimentary beverages, snacks, internet access and workspaces. For example with Delta’s card you can board in their Sky Priority lane even if you are flying in coach.

Airfare discounts

Some airline credit cards offer discounts on airfare just for using the card. Even if you don’t redeem your rewards points, you can use your airline card to save on your next trip.

Travel perks and protections

Airline credit cards often waive foreign transaction fees. Moreover, they may offer insurance and protection for travelers, including trip cancellation insurance, car rental insurance, lost baggage protection and emergency assistance.

Should you get an airline credit card?

Airline credit cards


Airline credit cards are ideal for those who regularly travel with a particular airline, or who could choose to do so. Almost all the major airlines charge approx. $95 annual fee. So if you don’t travel a lot, you can avoid airline credit card and opt for some other card. You can consider to get airline credit card if:

  • You travel a lot with a single airline.
  • You always check bags. The best air credit cards save approx. $50 on every round trip.
  • You travel often and need the benefits.