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The Ad Life is not for the faint of heart. You work hard, have long hours and are at the mercy of your clients. Some clients will be amazing, others not so much and a select few will be just intolerable. You will live for pushing the mute button on conference calls to rant about your client and liquid therapy sessions with your fellow soldiers.  You won’t make real money until you climb high enough up the corporate ladder and you have to fill out these damn time sheets from hell. All that being said the advertising industry is one of the best industries to work in. AMC’s Mad Men showed the world how addicting, intriguing and out right outlandish working in advertising can be. The truth is that not much has changed and the advertising industry is thriving. At ADCULTURE we aim to bring you all the glory, hilarity and genius of advertising. You’ll  meet the people who make it all happen, their incredible stories, thought provoking work and wild adventures. Use the hashtag #AdLife to follow our stories, explore the lifestyle and share your own  glorious adventures in advertising.

The Definitive History of Hip Hop: From Street Beats to Global Phenomenon

hip hop history

Hip hop is a cultural movement that emerged in the United States during the 1970s. It is a genre of music characterized by its rhythmic beat, spoken-word delivery, and innovative use of sampling, scratching, and beatboxing. The hip hop culture has been a significant influence on youth, fashion, and music …

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Top 5 ways to advertise a cannabis or CBD brand online

cannabis advertising

Cannabis or CBD advertising online is hard. Since cannabis has not been fully federally legalized in the U.S, major online advertising platforms like Google and Facebook ads have major regulations on this industries. Below are the ways that you can successfully advertise and market your cannabis or CBD brand online. …

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5 Reasons Why Graduates Should Consider Starting Their Own Businesses


Finish your studies, graduate at the top of your class, get headhunted by top firms, take the best offer, impress the right people, work your way up the chain, and eventually (years down the line) find yourself in a comfortable managerial position. Isn’t that the standard formula? It’s hard to …

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Interview with BBOY Focus of the World Famous Flow Mo Crew

IBE 2009 in Herleen (NL)

BBOY Focus from the world famous Flow Mo crew is a legend. I first met Jussi a.k.a Focus at the first Red Bull Beat Riders dance academy.   Red Bull asked dancers from around the world to submit a video of themselves showcasing why they should be selected to join …

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WeWork acquires Conductor – SEO pros like Rand Fishkin chime in

WeWork acquires Conductor

WeWork acquires Conductor WeWork acquires Conductor putting their competitors in a great position to be next. The office space extraordinaires at WeWork announced that they acquired SEO and Content marketing technology startup, Conductor. Conductor is a software platform that allows companies to track keyword and content performance. WeWork is ready …

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What is Credit – The Interactive History of Credit Explains


“What is credit?” is a highly searched question on search engines. Understanding what credit is and how to use it can have drastic improvements on your life. Having good credit can help you get a job, house and allow you to take ownership of you personal finances. “Cash or credit?” …

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What is a bad credit score, Plus how to fix bad credit

bad credit score

A bad credit score is a credit score lower than 499 which means you have bad credit.  FICO and Vantage are two companies that measure and produce credit scores . Credit scores can range between 300-850 depending on the scoring system. Here is a general breakdown of credit score ranges: Bad …

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How to stay fit as a busy entrepreneur or career focused professional

Learning how to stay fit is a challenge for busy career focused professionals. Nowadays they say sitting is the new smoking which is bad news for those of us who make a living sitting in front of a computer. The damage to your body compounds if you are extremely busy …

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The Evolution of Search: Plus Interview with Rand Fishkin of Moz [Video]

rand fishkin seo interview

Three years ago Rand Fishkin and the folks at Moz let my team and I go down to Moz Con to film a pilot for a video series on search. The series was called FOUND and the premise of the series was to discuss all things search and content marketing …

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Five lessons marketers can learn from Stranger Things Two

stranger things netflix show

Stranger Things is a remarkable NetFlix show that is filled with lessons for marketers. Season two just came out so I’ll try my best not to spoil anything while I dispense wisdom from the show. Check out our Netflix and Chill Guide Vol One [Infographic] 1.Team Building The kids from …

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