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Spending your hard earned money on a new technology or gadget without proper research can be tricky. We understand that choosing a new product or technology is quite stressful. Therefore, we are here to help you know what’s best for you!

Adculture.com is a platform for entrepreneurs, innovators, and researchers, etc. supporting early-stage technology businesses and innovative ideas. It brings together latest know-hows in Business, Technology and Self-Management for its vast community.

If you’re planning to buy a new tech product, we’re here to help. Adculture reviews hundreds of new devices every year to find out the best products for you.  We feature a daily dose of innovative ideas, latest technologies, and trends to let you know about the upcoming coolest technologies and trends. We review it more thoroughly and carefully than anyone else.

We try our best to give you a better understanding of upcoming technologies i.e., how they work and whether you should buy them or not. You can also share your feedbacks, opinions, and comments about our reviews!

Check out our review blogs below:

How to build an Alexa Skill the easy way using Amazon Blueprints [VIDEO]

Amazon Blueprints Alexa skills

Learning how to build an Alexa skill just got easier. Watch the video and follow along so you can learn how to build a custom Alexa skill to delight your friends and family. Amazon just released Blueprints (not to be confused with Facebook’s learning platform called Blue Print ) which …

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Google AMP stories – Visual story telling has arrived on Google

Google Amp stories

Google just launched the AMP story format to give content publishers a mobile-focused format that is visually compelling and interactive. Searchers on mobile devices will be able to tap on and engage deeper with published content that utilize the new AMP story format. Google’s AMP stories are yet another push …

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Amazon’s Alexa – Smart Voice Assistant Living In Your House


What Is Alexa? Alexa is the name of an intelligent voice assistant created by Amazon. To be more precise, it’s the name of the AI, not a product. In order to use Alexa, you will need to buy one of the Amazon smart speakers – Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or …

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Google Assistant – Your Smart and Helpful Partner

Google Assistant

What Is Google Assistant? Google Assistant is a voice-powered smart assistant created by Google. The assistant is actually an upgrade of Google Now – it performs most of the same things, plus has wider range of new capabilities and has more conversational interface.  Initially, Google Assistant was launched as a part …

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What is a CMS? – The Essential Guide to CMSs [Free eBook)

CMS ebook cover

“What is a CMS” get’s search for a lot on search engines like Google and clearly shows the need for clarity on this topic. So I wrote an entire ebook on content management systems (CMS)  and am giving it away for free. Download it below. What is a Content Management …

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15 Best Virtual Reality Apps – Get immersed in Art, Gaming, Travel and more


In this article we cover the 15 best virtual reality apps out there. Virtual reality has exploded in popularity and is becoming more and more accessible to consumers. What is a virtual reality app? A virtual reality app is an applications that allow users to engage with virtual 3-D worlds. …

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Apple’s Siri – Your voice assistant with a sense of humor

siri-featured image

What is Siri? Apple’s Siri is a voice-controlled personal assistant. She resides in all modern iPhones and iPads, Apple TVs, Apple Watches and MAC computers. What Can Siri do? She can send emails and messages, place calls, search the internet, provide directions, set reminders and more. On top of that, …

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What is Virtual Reality? Plus the top four VR headsets to get you started

What is Virtual Reality

Virtual reality The term virtual reality (VR) is used to describe a 3D computer generated environment (world) that an individual can explore and interact with. Virtual environments are immersive because they can fully control what you see, hear, feel and eventually what you will smell. VR was once regulated to …

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What is Microsoft Cortana? Plus 5 ways she can boost your productivity

What is Microsoft Cortana?

What is Cortana? Microsoft Cortana is a personal, voice-activated digital assistant. What can Cortana do? She  can help you with all sorts of things – from reminding you to make a phone call to informing that you need more time to get to the airport due to traffic. See 25 …

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HomePod, Apple’s Premier Voice Assistant

Apple HomePod

What is the Apple HomePod?  HomePod is a powerful voice enabled device developed by Apple Inc. HomePod is Apples answer to Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. HomePod is less useful than the voice devices that it competes with but is a brilliant speaker that offers access to one of the …

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