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Amazon’s Alexa – Smart Voice Assistant Living In Your House


What Is Alexa? Alexa is the name of an intelligent voice assistant created by Amazon. To be more precise, it’s the name of the AI, not a product. In order to use Alexa, you will need to buy one of the Amazon smart speakers – Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or …

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Google Assistant – Your Smart and Helpful Partner

Google Assistant

What Is Google Assistant? Google Assistant is a voice-powered smart assistant created by Google. The assistant is actually an upgrade of Google Now – it performs most of the same things, plus has wider range of new capabilities and has more conversational interface.  Initially, Google Assistant was launched as a part …

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What is a CMS? – The Essential Guide to CMSs [Free eBook)

CMS ebook cover

“What is a CMS” get’s search for a lot on search engines like Google and clearly shows the need for clarity on this topic. So I wrote an entire ebook on content management systems (CMS)  and am giving it away for free. Download it below. What is a Content Management …

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15 Best Virtual Reality Apps – Get immersed in Art, Gaming, Travel and more


In this article we cover the 15 best virtual reality apps out there. Virtual reality has exploded in popularity and is becoming more and more accessible to consumers. What is a virtual reality app? A virtual reality app is an applications that allow users to engage with virtual 3-D worlds. …

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Apple’s Siri – Your voice assistant with a sense of humor

siri-featured image

What is Siri? Apple’s Siri is a voice-controlled personal assistant. She resides in all modern iPhones and iPads, Apple TVs, Apple Watches and MAC computers. What Can Siri do? She can send emails and messages, place calls, search the internet, provide directions, set reminders and more. On top of that, …

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What is Microsoft Cortana? Plus 5 ways she can boost your productivity

What is Microsoft Cortana?

What is Cortana? Microsoft Cortana is a personal, voice-activated digital assistant. What can Cortana do? She  can help you with all sorts of things – from reminding you to make a phone call to informing that you need more time to get to the airport due to traffic. See 25 …

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HomePod, Apple’s Premier Voice Assistant

Apple HomePod

What is the Apple HomePod?  HomePod is a powerful voice enabled device developed by Apple Inc. HomePod is Apples answer to Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. HomePod is less useful than the voice devices that it competes with but is a brilliant speaker that offers access to one of the …

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10 Best WordPress Themes Under $65, Way Cheaper than a Tinder Date

Best wordpress themes

Theme Forest has some of the best WordPress themes on the planet. I’ve taken the time to vet their best themes so that you don’t have to waste time digging through them all. If you do click on a link and purchase a theme know that we will get an …

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Squarespace Review (2018), Learn if this Popular CMS is for You

Squarespace review

This Squarespace review discusses whether this CMS is right for your website needs. Please read it fully so you can make an informed decision. Did you know? Around 1,000 customers sign up for Squarespace every day” Squarespace is a paid SaaS-based CMS that has a website builder integrated along with …

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Top 6 Voice Assistants | Infographic

Voice Assistant

What is a Voice Assistant A voice assistant is an application that is used to complete asks using voice commands. It is software powered by artificial intelligence to help people perform certain tasks. Voice assistance can be used for simple tasks or things like controlling your  smart home, playing music, …

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