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how to buy a domain name

How to Buy a Domain Name, Use GoDaddy’s Conversion Tactics Against them to Get it Cheaper

I learned how to buy a domain name and hosting while I was a broke College student. I got pretty good at finding great domain names using keyword research and SEO butI got even better at finding those domain names for cheaper. In this article i’ll show you not only how to buy a domain name but how to buy the core things you would need to build a website with out paying full price on GoDaddy. GoDaddy is great because they usually hook you up with discounts and freebies but getting more is always fun. I also always buy my domain names from GoDaddy because they are reliable and have great support.

Why Buy a Domain Name?

There are numerous reasons you should invest in a domain name:

  • Personal Branding: You should own before someone else gets it. You can use it to build a personal brand and eventually even a business.
  • Business: If you own a business or want to start one then you will need a domain name.
  • Blogging: If you want to build a proper blog or publishing site you will need a domain name. Using or is not only amateur but it’s building on something you don’t really own.
  • Growing Your Skills: Learning how to build a website and then testing it as things change is one of the best ways to evolve your digital marketing skills. 27% of website on the internet are built on Word Press. So if you learn how to buy a domain name and then build a Word Press site on it, you will always be able to get a job. GoDaddy makes this extremely easy.

How to buy a domain name on GoDaddy for Cheaper

If you are looking to buy a domain name or hosting on GoDaddy here is what you need to do to use their conversion tactics to get what you want to buy for a discount.

Step 1: Create a GoDaddy Account or Log In
Create an account if you don’t have one already and log in. Make sure you give them your email address. You can also do this at the end before you check out.

create an account or sign in

Step 2: Fill up your cart
Fill up that cart with the items you want to buy. If you are looking to build a website this is what you are going to need.

    • Domain name: This is where people will go to find your site. Keep it short and make it easy to remember. Great brands start with memorable names.
    • Hosting: You will need this to build your website. I usually make sure I get a Linux build with CPanel so I can fully control the site.
    • SSL Certificate: You need this to make sure that your site is secure. This is extremely important for ecommerce sites.
    • Optional Site Lock: These are automatic back ups of your website.
    • Optional Privacy: Sometimes you might want to buy a domain name and block the Whois info so no one can see who bought it. I’ve bought domain names and added privacy on a few of them.

godaddy shopping cart

GoDaddy will try and up sell you on a ton of other stuff but skip it all and go to your cart. They are great though because they also give you a ton of discounts. For example since I have Deluxe Hosting they are giving me the domain name for free. They also give you Office 365 Starter Email for free as well.

Step 3: Abandon the cart
Make sure you have everything you want in the cart, then just leave the site and don’t buy any of it. Don’t empty the cart just close your browsers and walk away.


Step 4: Check your email for the discount coupon code

godaddy discount code

In a few hours or maybe the next day GoDaddy will send you an email that says “Complete your order today: Plus a xx discount  coupon code.”

how to buy a domain name on godaddy


The discount amount varies but you will be able to buy exactly what you wanted but for a lower price.

Bonus: Other Sites that do this
There are several websites that operate this way. They are masters at the art of website conversion and can’t stand that you walked away from the shopping cart so they will email you a discount code. Remember this is best used for things that you were going to buy anyway. The point is to get it at a discounted price.  I’ll add and update this post as I find more. Now that you know this if you see any sites doing this please leave their names in comments. (Get your apartment cleaned by someone other than your mom)

handy so close

GoDaddy is masterful at what they do but there’s no harm in using their marketing craft against them. In the end it’s a win win because you still become a GoDaddy customer, you will buy the domain name and hosting, and you are getting things you want for a lower price.
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