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Contributors – Write guest posts and articles for ADCULTURE

Here at ADCULTURE.COM we are always looking for talented writers to contribute to our website. Contributors do not get paid for their content. They do get exposure to our audience which will help your career and personal brand. We promote all articles via social media and spend a little money on Facebook to boost posts. This helps expand the reach of your content.  Please read our guidelines below and only submit an article if it meets our standards. We get a lot of contributor requests and we will not respond to all of them. If you do not hear from us in a month that means we more than likely did not accept your submission. Please read our submission guidelines and fill out the form below.

Contributor Guidelines

contributor guidelines

  • Topics: Our platforms goal is to help an intern become the CEO in advertising. We focus on digital marketing, personal finance, entrepreneurship, technology, career and fashion advice. You have to have digital marketing skills, understand your finances, be entrepreneurial,  dress for success and embrace technology in order to make it in advertising. We are here to help our readers on that journey. Your content should cover these topics.
  • Length: Articles must be between 900 – 1,200 words. Nothing more and nothing less.
  • Content types: You article should contain multiple types of media. It must have an image and if you can find a video that relates to the topic then add it from YouTube. This helps with SEO and readers prefer different types of content so let’s give them what they want. If you can’t find a video no worries. We love quizzes and interactive timelines. Here is and example. What is credit.
  • Images: Please submit at least one image with your article. Make sure you provide your image source.
  • Headlines: Please make sure your headlines are catchy and contain your target keyword towards the front of the title. Don’t make it click bait.
  • Tone & Voice: No one likes reading boring articles. Make sure your tone is personal and not up tight. We also love irreverence. ADCULTURE is about having a great time while growing our business and careers. This is a good example: WeWork Acquires Conductor
  • Grammar: Make sure your spelling and grammar are on point.
  • Useful: We love articles that teach people how to do things or answers questions. Useful articles get shared and do well on search engines. If you are showing how to use a tool. Make sure you take the time to do screen shots or better yet make a video. Effort is everything. Here is a great example: How to build an Alexa Skill using Amazon Blueprints.
  • Links: Don’t link to your own website, your clients website or your own product. You will get one do-follow link in your author profile. We reserve the right to remove, change or add links that add value to the article.
  • SEO: Make sure your article has the basic level of search engine optimization (SEO) in it. Those rules are below.


Guest post SEO guidelines

SEO 101 basics

Here are the basic SEO rules to follow. If you mess any of this up we will fix it. Learning this process will help you create content that ranks well on search engines like Google. You are welcome. ;-). All contributors will get free access to our Growth Skills learning platform when we launch. This will help you to continue to develop your digital marketing skills so we can grow together.

  1. Keyword: You should create content that people are searching for. You should know the keyword your are trying to target and include that in your submission so we can help optimize your article further.
  2. Article title: The keyword should be in the front of your title if possible. Don’t force this if you can’t make it happen naturally.
  3. H1-H3: The keyword and synonyms of your keyword should be in an H1, H2 and H3 tag.
  4. Article words: The keyword and synonyms of the keyword should be in the article. Make it natural and don’t add keyword for no reason.
  5. First sentence: Make sure your target keyword is in the first sentence of your article.
  6. Name images: You have to name the image the target keyword. If the target keyword is “water” then your image should be named water.jpg.
  7. Internal links: Link to articles on ADCULTURE.COM that are relevant to the article.
  8. External links: Link to other websites that support what you are talking about. Make sure you follow the linking rules above.
  9. Videos: Add a related video if you can find one.

Please fill out this form to be considered. You have to scroll the form to fill out the full thing. Good luck.