Benefits of using No Fee credit cards

Despite carrying no annual fee, you can enjoy amazing benefits of no-fee credit cards. These benefits vary from purchase protection to travel insurance to personal finance tools. The various other benefits of no fee credit cards are:

1) Improves credit score – You can improve your credit score by applying for a no-fee credit card. By opening up a no fee credit card and paying it off every month, you’ll prove credit bureaus that you’re a trustworthy client. So if you’ve a bad score and want to improve your credit score, open a no pay credit card account.

2) Increases average age of accounts – You can increase average age of your accounts by applying for no fee credit card. As there is no annual fee for no-fee credit card, there isn’t really a need to cancel it. Even if you use it infrequently, it’s still worth keeping it in your wallet to increase the average age of your credit card accounts.

3) Lower risk – Another benefit of no-fee credit card is the low risk it carries. With other cards that carries an annual fee, you need to get enough value out of the card to justify that annual expenditure. With a no annual fee card, there isn’t that same pressure. There’s no up-front investment and no annual investment either.

4) Valuable Rewards – There’s no doubt in this that cards with annual fees offer some amazing rewards. However, you don’t need to sacrifice those rewards by opening and utilizing a card with no annual fee.

What to look for while applying for no-fee credit card?

When you plan to apply for a card with no annual fee, you must look for compelling benefits that suits your needs. If you can’t pay full balance every month, you should look for a card with the lowest possible interest rate, and possibly a 0% APR promotional financing offer. If you can pay off your full balance every month, you should no-fee credit cards that offer rewards for spending. Other popular features include fee waivers for late fees and foreign transaction fees.

The best credit cards with no annual fee

Here are some of the best no fee credit cards with rewards that you can apply for. Each card serves a different kind of cardholder.

  • Bank of America Travel Rewards Credit Card
  • Citi Double Cash Card
  • Chase Freedom Credit Card
  • Discover it Card
  • Chase Ink Business Cash Credit Card
  • Discover it for Students Card
  • Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card