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Word Press Review

WordPress Review (2019), The Essentials on this Epic CMS

This is WordPress review covers everything you need to know about this wonder Content Management System. WordPress is one of the most used content management systems in the world. WordPress is an open-source CMS (content management system) that is based on MySQL and PHP. One of the biggest USP’s of WordPress is that it is FREE! Free like  it will cost you zero money to use use the platform. It can be easily installed on a web server which can be a part of a web hosting service or a network host. To install WordPress you would need access to C-panel of a web hosting service like GoDaddy. And for a service like WordPress.org, it can be easily installed on a network host.

WordPress is considered as one of the easiest platforms to comprehend. It has a plugin based architecture and an easy to choose template system. As of data collected till April 2016, WordPress powers around 26.4% of the web. It is the most trusted CMS with almost 60% market share and supporting over 60 million websites.

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The History of WordPress

WordPress Review and historyWordPress was founded by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. The first version was released on 27th May, 2003 as fork of b2/cafelog. It was released under GPLv2 – a free License. The predecessor of WordPress, b2 or cafelog was estimated to have a reach of roughly 2000 blogs by May 2003.

Michel Valdrighi wrote it in PHP so that it can be used with MySQL. He is still a contributing developer to WordPress.

Quick WordPress CMS Stats

Did you know?

“Over 500 sites are created on WordPress on a daily basis!”

“27% of websites built on the internet are built on Word Press.”

WordPress Trivia:

“The name WordPress was suggested by Christine Selleck Tremoulet, a friend of Matt Mullenweg.”

Surge in WordPress Sites

In 2004, Six Apart changed the licensing terms for its movable type package which was a direct competitor of WordPress at that time. This change in licensing terms caused most of the influential users to migrate to WordPress. In 2009, an Open Source CMS Market Share Report showed that WordPress was one of the most trusted and leading open-source CMS.

Here are Top 10 Sites that use WordPress:

·       TechCrunch
·       The New Yorker
·       BBC America
·       Variety
·       Sony Music
·       Best Buy
·       Ford Social
·       Reuters Blogs
·       ESPN Product Blog
·       Quartz

In this WordPress review we will cover SEO, pricing, security, and more. Now let’s jump in.

WordPress claims that it is SEO optimized and for the most part it is. You can spin up a WordPress website in no time and out of the box it is built SEO friendly. This means you SEO CMSwon’t have to deal with some of the issues like duplicate content, non SEO friendly URLS and others. Also there is a plethora of plugins that you can install to make your WordPress site even more SEO friendly. It is incredibly easy to find these plugins and they can be quickly installed as well.

The Number One SEO Plugin on Word Press is: SEO By Yoast.

2.User Friendly

WordPress’s user-friendly interface is quite appealing. Their whole system is created keeping the mass-audience in mind. The admin interface is extremely convenient and easy to navigate. Any one can easily craft a blog/website with pre-made templates available online.


CMS Cost

It is FREE! You may have to pay for a premium theme for your website or for any premium plugins that would want for your website. But, the WordPress CMS is 100% free. This means there is a very low barrier to entry if you actual want to create a blog, business website or your personal resume.



CMS securityIn the January of 2007, some high-profile website blogs along with some commercial blogs that featured Google Adsence, were targeted and attacked with a WordPress exploit. There was another security issue in which an attacker injected an exploitable code in the form of a back door to WordPress version 2.1.1. However, WordPress fixed it with its 2.1.2 version release. They also released an advisory message to all users to upgrade their WordPress version immediately. Being an open-source platform, they are a bit vulnerable to security issues. However, WordPress is being strictly monitored by its core developers, its community that includes WP testers and volunteers, who test each release and respond to any security vulnerabilities. To maintain better security, automatic background updates were initiated in WordPress 3.7.

5.Up to Date

CMS Updates

WordPress keep updating itself to uphold its security. The core team of developers includes Matt Mullenweg, Helen Hou-Sandí, Andrew Nacin, Mark Jaquith, Andrew Ozz, and Dion Hulse. They along with a team of WP testers and volunteers ensure that WordPress is protected from any kind of security vulnerability.


Overall WordPress Review, Rating and Recommendation

We covered a lot in this WordPress review. We learn that WordPress is a great for SEO, is free and it is user friendly. It is one of the most preferred open-source CMSs in the world. We would recommend it to anyone who is looking to build their website quickly and to save money. For bloggers, WordPress is a perfect choice! If TechCrunch can use it then you can too. Please share this WordPress review if you found it useful.

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