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Wix review

Wix Review, Learn about this popular website builder

This Wix Review covers the essentials on this website building tool and what you need to know before using it.

Did you know?

Wix has over 50 million users is a web development platform based on cloud technology. This web development platform helps users create dynamic and highly visual HTML5 web and mobile friendly sites. It offers a simple drag and drop feature that any user can use to create a website of their liking. Users can add all sorts of varied plug-ins with the help of varied Wix developed and third-party applications. It is built on a freemium business model meaning some elements are free and other things you will have to pay for. It earns revenue via premium package upgrades in which users can remove Wix ads, connect the site to their own domain, and other functionality like ecommerce.

Wix’s History

wix cms review

Wix 0-was founded in 2006 by Avishai Abrahami, Giora Kaplan and Nadav Abrahami. Wix headquarter is in Tel Aviv with offshore offices set up in New York City, San Francisco, Kyiv, Dnipro and Vilnius. Their company is backed by investors such as Bessemer Venture Partners, Mangrove Capital Partners, Insight Venture Partners and Benchmark Capital.

In 2007, Wix entered the open beta phase using an Adobe Flash based platform. By April of 2010, Wix had over 3.5 million users and  the user base for Wix reached 8.5 million in March of 2011. This helped it raise $40 million in a series D funding round.

Wix went on to acquire Appixia and OpenRest in the year 2014. On 23 February, 2017, it acquired DeviantArt, one of the largest online art communities for $36 million.

Here are some sites built with WIX
Hili Ari
She Builds Brands
Suo Shoes Chicago Slackliners Association
Gruvi Juices
French Knots Studios
Sian Summerhayes
CS Marketing and Design  Work for a Credit Union


Wix Review, 5 Things to Know about this website builder

SEO CMS Wix is not very good for SEO. Your ability to do many SEO essentials things like create clean URLs is hampered by it’s technology. Also the Ajax technology that Wix uses to build and present content on their site is not so search engine crawler friendly. Although, Google announced in 2015, that their Googlebot can parse Ajax, Bing still has a long way to go. Even Googlebots are not perfect enough to fetch and render some Wix sites properly. It lacks advanced marketing tools and has many technical limitations.

2.User Friendly

Wix boasts its model for its simple and intuitive UI. The drag and drop feature is extremely easy and even a novice can create a site without any prior knowledge of website development. Figuring out design, navigation and pages are pretty straightforward as well. This ease of use is what attracted many people to Wix but you have to be careful since it’s hard to optimize Wix site for SEO.


CMS Cost
It is for free, but there is a catch! It is free if you don’t mind having your website URL like this – “” If you want your own domain, without the Wix ad, you have to buy a premium package. Their packages don’t have a cap on pages or page types and their prices are competitive enough for short-term projects.


CMS security
Since, all the websites are hosted on Wix servers, the websites are safer and secured. They take full responsibility for your website security and you don’t have to make any effort to keep your website secure.


5.Up to Date

CMS Updates
It keeps itself updated by monitoring and applying maintenance patches on a regular basis. They take automatic backups, so your site is always safe and will never be lost. They also offer a control option that lets users restore to any previous version of their site.


Wix Review, Ratings and Overall Recommendation

Wix has become a well-known brand in the web-development market. Its USP is being a simple and straightforward all-in-one drag and drop website builder. Wix is the first end-to-end website builder ever that doesn’t require any coding skills.  It is good for non-techies but use it at your own risk because it will be hard for you to optimize your pages so people can find your site when they search on Google or Bing. Overall we would not recommend using Wix since it’s hard to optimize for SEO. Check out our Word Press review because Word Press is a much better choice. If you are looking to build an ecommerce site then this Magento review is perfect for you.

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