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Adobe AEM CMS Review

Adobe Experience Manager Review (2019), You Will Thank us Later

Our Adobe Experience Manager review gives you what you need to know before choosing this content management system (CMS). Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a comprehensive CMS for building websites. Adobe Experience Manager Review
This CMS allows you to:

  • Design and implement targeted, localized marketing campaigns that are further enhanced by real-time analytics.
  • Build and offer ecommerce solutions
  • Create member groups, online communities, and forums with advanced moderation tools.

Adobe AEM CMS History

The Adobe Marketing Cloud collection was introduced in October 2012. The cloud services includes eight applications. They are Adobe Analytics, Adobe Media Optimizer, Adobe Social, Adobe Target, Audience Manager, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Campaign, and Primetime. Adobe AEM was previously called Adobe CQ5 but the name was changed to focus on offering a good user experience. Hence the new name Adobe Experience Manager. Major brands are now migrating over to AEM with out actually knowing what they are getting into.

10 popular sites that use Adobe Experience Manager

·      aws.amazon.com

·      chase.com

·      samsung.com

·      cisco.com

·      pluralsight.com

·      helpx.adobe.com

·      telegraph.co.uk

·      salesforce.com

·      hm.com

·      store.nike.com


SEO CMSIf you’re looking for an SEO friendly simple CMS, AEM is not the right choice. One of the biggest things to know about Adobe AEM is that page elements that are important to SEO like meta titles and descriptions are consider custom add ons. This means that if you don’t know about SEO you will not know that you need to add these things as customer add ons. It’s very surprising that in 2017 Adobe has managed to build a CMS that is not SEO friendly and that doesn’t provide basic page level elements.


2.User Friendly
AEM gives you the ability to create very user friendly websites. However using AEM to build websites is not as easy as it is in platforms like WordPress. You will have to hire developers who specialize in AEM and have experience with the CMS.


CMS Cost

Adobe Experience Manager is an enterprise content management system so it has an enterprise level price tag.


CMS security

Adobe experience manager is highly secure. Adobe has done a great job on focusing on securing their CMS which is where a lot of other companies fail.



5.Up to Date

CMS UpdatesAdobe experience manager keeps updating itself in terms of security and functionality. However, bugs take some time to be fixed  and support isn’t that great for complex issues.

Overall Adobe Experience Manager Review, Rating and Recommendation

In this Adobe Experience Manager review we focused on things that you will need to build a user friendly, secure website that you can optimize using SEO to gain organic traffic. The AEM platform allows for clean, consistent design and functionality; but is limiting for SEO. We would recommend it to enterprise-level businesses but it is not the best option out there. There are other enterprise level customer experience management platforms that can do the job, are easier to to work with and excellent for SEO. We recommend you consider using Word Press or Magento for your CMS needs.

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