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Pablo Picasso Quotes, 20 Inspiring Messages

Pablo Picasso quotes have helped me push forward in times where I am at an inspirational low. We have all been there, you lack creative motivation, you hit writers block, and you just can’t seem to get that flow going. In times like these Pablo Picasso’s words of wisdom have help me regenerate. I use them as a source of energy to help me hit my fitness goals, career goals and finish complex creative projects. Pablo Picasso’s paintings also inspire but there are something about the words of a man that has lived a full life and have produced timeless works of art. Pablo Picasso quotes tell a story of a man who is fearless, believed in himself and had the confidence to leave a meaningful legacy below. I believe if you use some of these quotes as the guidance on how to live your life or accomplish your goals then you can’t possibly fail. Hope you enjoys these and I decided to leave out my interpretation of the quotes because they speak to us all differently. The one thing I would say is that action is everything and these Pablo Picasso quotes reflect that. So simply reading these quotes and smiling with out applying at least one to your life is just wasting your time.

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Pablo Picasso Quotes, And Words of Wisdom

1. “Go and do the things you can’t. That is how you get to do them.”
2. “Action is the foundational key to all success.”
3. “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”
4. “Love is the greatest refreshment in life.”
5. “What one does is what counts. Not what one had the intention of doing.”
6. “Art is never chaste. It ought to be forbidden to ignorant innocents, never allowed into contact with those not sufficiently prepared. Yes, art is dangerous. Where it is chaste, it is not art.”
7. “He can who thinks he can, and he can’t who thinks he can’t. This is an inexorable, indisputable law.”
8. “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”
9. “Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one’s bath like a lump of sugar.”
10. ”Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”
11. ”There are only two types of women – goddesses and doormats.”
12. ”Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.”
13. ”Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.”
14. “Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun. ”
15. “It is your work in life that is the ultimate seduction.”
16. ”You mustn’t always believe what I say. Questions tempt you to tell lies, particularly when there is no answer.”
17. “Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth”
18. “Everything you can imagine is real.”
19. “The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web. ”
20. “Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.”

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