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Intentions, They are Everything

Intentions are the fuel to your action, you must love with intent, live with intent, develop your fitness with intent,  and if you don’t set to accomplish your goals with intent then I can guarantee you that you will not accomplish them. I was watching a documentary about Mike Tyson where he said,“Every punch I threw was with bad intentions.” Mike’s intent was to drive his hand through his opponents face until it came out on the other side. Having this focused intent and not letting his opponent change it no matter how hard they hit him is the only reason Mike Tyson was one of the world’s most devastating boxers. Fighting is very simple. Your goal is to change your opponent’s intentions and strip them of their will to fight. If you step into the ring with out any sense of committed intention then you have already lost. The same applies to life, business and you relationships.

Live with Intent. Life Is A Fight. We Are All Fighters.

We are all fighters and life is a lot like being in the ring. We fight to get ahead in our careers. We fight for different causes. We fight for a better life for our children. Most of the fighting in life is not done physically, but winning these battles whether in or out of the ring requires the same things.

Intentions, What Are Yours? 

In order to win the many fights and overcome the numerous inevitable obstacles in your life you will need clearly defined intentions that are supported by your will power. The first thing you have to ask yourself is, “What Are My Intentions?” Do you intend to go to school and pass your classes? Or do you intend to go to school and get all A pluses and be at the top of your class? Do you plan on starting a career, going to work and collecting a paycheck? Or do you plan on starting a career, innovating in your field and opening up your own business? You will need to define yourintentions regardless of where on the spectrum you want to be (just cutting it or overachieving). As soon as an obstacles pops up like peer pressure, just cutting it in school can quickly turn into not cutting it and dropping out. Just cutting it at work can quickly turn into slacking off because you’re not being watched and then fired. Innovating at work can quickly turn into not caring and slacking off because of office politics and even company policies. This is why defining your intentions and using your will to reinforce them everyday is very important. This practice is the only way you will be able to over come serious devastation when it occurs. My father died when I was 19 and I never missed one of my classes during the time period because I knew that his intentions for me which I adopted and learn early on would have been to keep pushing forward and mourn when I could. I could have easily used his death as an excuse to put my finals off or even fail them and my professors expected me to miss class. However, my intention was to go to every class to make sure I was ready for finals, ace them, and then mourn the loss of my father. Intentions are everything in life, define yours and do not let them wavier. Remember loving with intention is equally as important like Mother Teresa said, “Don’t just give, give until it hurts.” that is giving with intention. I created SpreadLove.org with the intention to change the world one email at a time and with the help and support of an awesome team and partnerswe are slowly doing it. What are your intentions? What are you intent on doing and accomplishing?  I would love to learn about them, leave them in the comments below.

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