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how to get your awesome back

Get Your Awesome Back, Best Resolution Ever

How to Get Your Awesome Back

If you’re reading this post you already know you we’re once a bad ass at something and if you’re like me not a day goes by when you think, I’ve got to get my awesome back! Some where some how I lost my awesome. I was once awesome at so many different things but as the years pass I misplaced them one by one. Life gets so busy and it is so easy to just be regular that before you know it you’re like everyone else. You are that guy or gal who use to be awesome. I was pretty damn awesome at bboying (break dancing) and at one point I could flip better than your favorite super hero. I also use to be able to due tricks with two butter fly knifes (balisong) at the same time with above average speed and skill. Of course there are something’s that are not worth being awesome at and those should be left where they are. But the point of this post is to inspire you to get some of your awesome back or develop new areas of awesome so you can look yourself in the mirror and say, “Daddy’s got his awesome back!” I’ve developed new awesome. I’m awesome at SEO and do it for a living, which is a double dose of awesome. I developed a spin hook kick I can write home about. But I am determined to get my windmills, flares and bboy awesome back. I would also liked to get back some other skills time has taken from me and I have a whole list of new awesomes I’m working on.

How to Start Being Awesome Again


The first thing you have to remember is that being awesome at something takes practice. If it was easy then there would be more awesome people in the world but we all know the truth about that. So pick something that you use to love and just start doing it. It will suck because it once probably came very easy to you and now it doesn’t. The one good thing about this is if you stick to it for a while you will get good at it again quicker than trying to pick up a new awesome. So just do it and don’t listen to your regular ass friends or coworkers who probably don’t have an awesome bone in their body and they want you to be just like them. So make 2017 the year of your awesome and work hard to develop yourself because you deserve it. You owe it to yourself to be the best you possible.

Focus Your Awesome and Get Multiple Results

What’s good about being awesome at things is that it’s like riding a bike. Your body and brain remember how to be awesome at that skill so you just have to do the work to get back to that place. Now what i’ve learned is that if you can use your awesome to hit multiple goals then life gets even better. For example here are two awesome i’m currently working on that both hit my fitness goals.

  1. Breaking Moves: As I mentioned i’m working on getting my flares, windmills and air flares back. I’ve added practicing them into my daily work out routine. The thing about this is that the more I practice them the more fat I lose, the leaner I get and my overall awesome level increases. So because i’m practicing my moves so I can rip the dance floor i’m getting so many other benefits. Plus running on the tread and destroying the weight room can get boring. Doing flares and windmills and the end less combinations of them is unbelievably fun.
  2. Mastering the Jump Rope: Let’s start here. I can’t jump rope to save my life. I’m terrible at it so this is a new awesome i’m trying to develop. Again I now jump rope all the time and i’m slowly getting better at it. I practice different tricks and make sure that it’s not all about the fitness aspect of roping. The point is that the better I get at roping the more I jump rope and the fitter I get. Jumping rope is a killer excerise so I’ve aligned my goal of being awesome at roping to hit my overall fitness goals.

Action: What you need to do is sit down and think about those things you were awesome at and build an action plan to getting them back. Make sure that they hit multiple goals so you can level up quickly.

People Are Awesome 2016 and 2015

The videos below are fantastic. They are of awesome people doing amazing things.  I hope watching them and reading this post inspires you to find your lost awesome or develop new ones.

2016 People Are Awesome


2015 People Are Awesome

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