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Junglist Clothing Collection, From Brooklyn to Brixton and Beyond

The Junglist Movement

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Junglist is a slang term which refers to a person living in an area of West Kingston, Jamaica, called Jungle. Early in the 1990’s, prominent Jamaican dancehall artists were recorded over electronic music.   This style developed in England picked up a massive following shortly after.  The terms “jungle” and “drum and bass” are often used interchangeably.

Concurrently, on the other side of the pond; a group of teenagers dwelling in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn began a musical movement under the moniker “Jungle Vibes”.  Jungle Vibes became a strong contender for sound clashes utilizing one element during sound clashes, the bassline.

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In 1997, Patrick Bailey of the Jungle Vibes crew was killed by NYPD, but that has not stopped the remaining Jungle Vibes members from blossoming into a full blown media production unit.  As the time moved on the definition of Junglist morphed into something more significant.  Instead of the term Junglist being referred to as an impoverish area in Jamaica where gangsters live, or adapted reggae samples on drum and bass tracks – it has become a leading brand with no prior introduction.  Junglist® Cloth co. has taken that intangible energy and instilled it in each article of clothing.

Junglist is not something you wear, but something you become when you wear it.







Junglist Clothing Look Book

jungalist clothing look book



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Junglist Clothing for Women

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Junglist Clothing for Men

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Staff Picks

Women’s White V-Neck T-Shirt

Shut the room down with this Lion logo v-neck.

junglist ladies white shirt


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Men’s Black Vintage  T-Shirt

Netflix and Chill with this all purpose black t-shirt and increase your chance of touching specials.

junglist black tshirt


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Men’s Vintage Camo Hat

Wage war on your goals in this fly camo hat.

junglist camo hat


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Women’s Lion Head T-Shirt

Get your roar on with this Lion head t-shirt.

junglist clothing lion tshirt



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Men’s Malibu T-Shirt

Get your Summer on even if it’s winter with this fresh Malibu T-Shirt

junglist co malibu tshirt




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Women’s Vintage V-Neck

Heat the room up with this vintage red v-neck.

junglist womens tshirt


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